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In this introductory case course, students will have the opportunity to get more comfortable with how to tackle strategy-based business cases. This gives students a guide to how to analyze and organize business situations to present them in a meaningful manner. In this course, students will work in teams of four to analyze and present recommendations to business scenarios in a written or oral presentation. This will show students how to have a wider perspective on real world issues. Students who complete this course will have a better understanding and preparation for Academic JMCC tryouts for the upcoming year.
In this unique elective, students are shown in their given discipline/topic of choice how to analyze real-world business situations. By focusing on a given discipline, this course strengthens students skills in their analysis of given issues, what the repercussions are in a business atmosphere and how to react and implement solutions. Students get the opportunity to present their work in teams all semester and learn from their peers who focus on different realms of the business scope. Each class gets to finish off their semester by using their business case knowledge by competing in a case competition.


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